Yesterday's trades


yesterday I traded the following matches:

Garbin v Kirilenko

Kirilenko won first set 6-0. She plays very insecure, so I hoped Garbin hat a chance to win 2nd set, but she did not. Kirilenko won the match 6-0, 6-1. I layed Kirilenko 100€@1,05 and had a loss of -5,00€.

Benesova v Pin

I applied my hedging strategy.

Lay Benesova 37,03€@1,54

Lay Pin 24,17€€2,36

total profit this match: +3,96€

result: Benesova v Pin 3-6, 6-2, 6-3

Almagro v Monaco

I applied also this strategy, because I expected a very close match. Monaco did not play well and lost this match in straight sets.

result: Almagro v Monaco 6-3, 6-2

My bets:

Lay Almagro 32,79€@1,61

Back Almagro 13€@1,15

Back Almagro 36,38€@1,05

You see, I took a stop loss to avoid losing 20€.

total loss this match: -16,23€ (-81,15% ROI)

Ferrer v Verdasco

Again I tried the hedging strategy. I layed Ferrer 31,25€@1,64 pre match. A few minutes before start of the match the odds shorten to 1,55. I have to think about how to handle such situations, when the price moves pre match against me.

I watched the match via Betfair live video. Verdasco lost the first set 3-6 and I did not want to lose again 20€ so I decided to back Ferrer 10€@1,15. In 2nd set Ferrer stopped playing tennis so Verdasco could take this set 6-1. Later I could green up and produced a profit of 1,40€ each way. Without the stop loss 20% ROI was possible, but I had not much confidence caused by the loss in previous match.

total profit this match: +1,40€ (+7%ROI)

Gicquel v Davydenko

I watched this match via protennis live ticker. Davydenko won 1st set 6-4. Gicquel was leading 6-5 (30-30) and Davydenko was serving.

I think it was a kind of free lay. Davydenko only could reach a tie break and odds would not move significantly against me, but if he loses this game, he loses also the second set and I can green up.

So I layed Davydenko 10€@1,28 when score was 30-30. Incredible odds, I think. Davydenko lost his service game and I could green up. Stats 2nd set:


My bets:

Lay Davydenko 10€@1,28

Back Davydenko 10€@1,68

total profit this match: +3,80€ (+135,7%ROI)

Korolev v Haase

I applied tennis hedging strategy and could produce a profit of +4,08€.

S Williams v Sharapova

Must have been a great match, had no pictures but followed this match via protennis live ticker. As we know good serving is not a very big advantage in matches on clay courts but having a great return is more important. Williams and Sharapova are great return players so I expected very much breaks and I also expected this match would be a 3 setter.

Update: It was a great match! See highlights below:

My bets (all in 1st set):

Lay Sharapova 20€@1,55

Lay Williams 15,50€@2

total profit this match +4,27€ (+37,1%ROI)

Roundup yesterday:

total stats tennis hedging strategy: -0,19€

stats yesterday's trading: -3,74€

Yesterday produced a small loss. It is part of the game and today I try to find new trading points and matches where I can make some profit.

All the best,


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