Trading Qualifying Spain GP


this afternoon I traded qualifying of Formula 1 Spain GP. I backed Lewis Hamilton pre qualifying 4€@11. He was close to Ferrari and I was confident he had a chance to get pole. The odds of 11 were too high.

In Q3 he had the chance to take the lead, but he did not.

In Q2 Massa was waiting until the end to perform this period but was available at 4, so I backed him 4€@4 and after he finished Q2 in 1st position I could lay off @2,86. Was a good trade.

In the last moments of Q3 were about 4 cars on track and fighting for pole position. I think with some knowledge of odds movement, live pictures and commentary it is very often possible to get really good odds inplay, especially in hectic situations. But today it was not possible. The suspend button boy of Betfair was to nervous and suspended the market during the final moments of Q3.

May bets so far:

Back Hamilton 4€@11
Back Massa 4€@4
Lay Massa 5,96€@2,86

total loss this session: -2,04€

All the best, Loocie

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