Semifinals Amelia Island

This years semi finals in Bausch & Lomb championships seems to be short ones, because Lindsay Davenport withdraw from her match against Maria Sharapova because of an illness. Sharapova so is the first player for Sunday's final. Her opponent will be found in the match

Alice Cornet - Domenika Cibulkova

As said after the tournament in Miami, I will stop to trade the matches in quarter final and later stages inplay. I will only apply to the 20% hedging strategy. Yesterday I didn't have the time to do so in quarter final matches, but also the matches was not good for hedging, as 3 matches had odds around 1.8 to 2.0 prematch. But for this semifinal match I applied to the strategy and layed Cibulkova prematch and put in a back order.

Bets for the match:

Lay Cibulkova 14,71€ @ 1.68

Back Cibulkova 12,71€ @ 1.95

Profit: 2,07€ (+20,7% ROI)

Both bets are matched, players still on court.

Update: Result: Cibulkova won 6-2, 2-6, 6-4



Au revoir,


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Alistair said...

Hi muxor,

That's exactly what I would've done. Unfortunately, I missed the match. I didn't realise it had been broufght forward after Davenport's withdrawal.

Well done though. I'm glad the strategy is working for you.