Upswings and Downswings

Didn't have much time to write about the matches I traded yesterday

Here are first the profits of yesterday:

Monaco - Eschauer 6-7, 6-4, 6-4 Profit: 10,00€ (+60,6% ROI)

Starace - Mofils 7-5, 6-1 Profit: 8,76€ (+43,8% ROI)

Serra - Machado 7-5, 6-1 Profit: 8,12€ (+27% ROI)

Zakopalova - Dentoni 6-4, 6-1 Profit: 5,35€ (+26,75% ROI)

Azarenka - Sun 7-6, 6-0 Profit: 6,40€ (+61,33% ROI)

Perebiynis - Schruff 6-4, 6-3 Profit: 10,60€ (+53% ROI)

Using the Hedging Strategy:

Jankovic - Stevenson 7-5, 6-0 Profit: 6,33€ (31,65% ROI)


So these selections where quite good in my opinion, as all won in two straight sets, except for Monaco, but here I mainly entered in the match after he lost the first set.


But then there where also some stupid losses which made my confidence on the day turn around. As I didn't follow my own rules.

Talking to Loocie that entering a match in the third set is gambling in the morning, as you have no chances to get out of your trades if the match developes in the wrong direction, some hours later my brain switched off and I made the following loss:

Radwanska - Gallovits 6-7, 6-2, 7-5 Loss: 10,00€ (-100% ROI)

One another loss of the day was to lay Schnyder after winning the first set in tiebreak. Didn't expect her to win second set 6-0, so no chance to trade out.

Schnyder - Govortsova 7-6 6-0 Loss: 10,00€ (-100% ROI)

A small loss I considered in the match of Gilles Simon. He was injured and retired, mentioned it in time and was able to close the risk.

Cipolla - Simon 6-2, 5-3 ret. Loss: 1,20€ (-3,2% ROI)

And the first trade of the day was one of the worst trades I made during the last time. Because everything in the match developed in the wrong direction and instead of cutting my losses I even put more money and started the day with a big loss. I was worrying about that the whole day. Need to stop both, putting more money if the match develops in the wrong direction and to worry about such things a whole day.

Benesova - Pennetta 6-2, 6-2 Loss: 37€ (-246% ROI)

I count this match in stats as a 246% loss, because I was so focused on number one seed Pennetta and expected her to win that I forgot about all rules. But nonetheless: Flavia Pennetta: YOU ARE A MUPPET!

So I managed to end in a small loss, although having 7 correct selections. Need to improve my loss cutting for future trades. I think the knowledge of tennis Loocie and me developed during the last month gives us very good opportunities to trade tennis matched profitable. I only need to work on psychological things. Not being greedy and to accept and cut losses.


So here are some helpful rules for inplay tennis trading:


Don't gamble in third/fifth set!


If a match develops in the wrong direction, don't put more money on your selection, cut your losses if necessary. If the match turns around you will take profit from your first bet, so if you put more money you can only lose more and we don't play this game to lose!


All the best,


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