Finals Day

Good morning,

I chose to skip both ATP finals. As Almagro brought already enough upsets last days and don't want to lay odds around 2.

Federer - Davydenko I skipped just because I don't want to bet against the king, although he is still searching for his form with a new coach. But it is still Roger Federer, the world no. 1.

In both WTA matches I placed the lay orders yesterday and got already matched one back bet completely on Serena Williams and the other back bet on Kirilenko partially.

Serena Williams - Vera Zvonareva

Bets for the match:

Lay Williams 70€ @ 1.24 (initial bet was with higher stake, 70€ matched)

Back Williams 66€ @ 1.32

Minimum profit: 4,00€

With these two bets I managed to get the desired profit of 20% from a risk of 20€ even with risking less, as not everything from my initial lay bet was matched. But odds movement was big enough to get this profit. Both bets where matched more then 16 hours before the players will enter the court.

serena graph_circles

Maria Kirilenko - Iveta Benesova

Layed Kirilenko early yesterday. Odds increased over the night and my back bet was already partially matched. Odds dropped some tics again, but I am very confident that the odds will increase before the match and the hedge will be completed before he first ball is played.

Bets for the match:

Lay Kirilenko 38,47€ @ 1.52

Back Kirilenko 34,47€ @ 1.7 (4€ already matched)


Another match what will be covered today is the fourth game of German icehockey league finals. Last match in the own stadium for the Cologne Sharks for this season. Loocie and Muxor will be in the first row to support the sharks to get a chance for the championship on Tuesday in Berlin.

Go Sharks. Olé Olé!

Update 1:

Both hedges where catched completely prematch and the desired profit of 4,00€ was made in two matches. Makes the hedging for this weeks tournaments a total of 14 to 2 which makes 80% profit with this strategy.




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