Another try

So today I will try to stick to my rules. That doesn't mean that I am waiting for a loss to show that I can take it without putting more money, but I hopefully will do so if one match develops wrong.

First match of today:

Mischa Zverev - Fernando Verdasco

Backed Verdasco after Zverev leading with an early break. Layed off risk after Verdasco winning first set. 

Bets for the match:

Back Verdasco 10€ @ 1.59

Lay Verdasco 10€ @ 1.1

Lay Verdasco 4,85€ @ 1.01

Profit: 4,85€ (48,5% ROI)

Result: Verdasco won 6-4, 6-2

Olga Savchuk - Sofia Arvidson

Though about backing Savchuk prematch, but wanted to see some stats during the match. Backed her then when leading 2-0 and I jumped on the Savchuk train right in time.

Bets for the match:

Back Savchuk 10€ @ 1.71

Lay Savchuk 10€ @ 1.15

Lay Savchuk 5,54€ @ 1.01

Profit: 5,54€ (+55,4% ROI)

Result: Savchuk won 6-2, 6-2

Update 1:

Tathiana Garbin - Sanda Mamic

Backed Garbin prematch with half of the stake and with plan to back more during first games to see some form. Backed her after losing first service game.

Bets for the match:

Back Garbin 10€ @ 1.6

Back Garbin 10€ @ 1.72

Lay Garbin 5€ @ 1.18

Lay Garbin 15€ @ 1.11

Lay Garbin 10,55€ @ 1.01

Profit: 10,54€ (+52,7% ROI)

Result: Garbin won 6-2, 6-2

Match was suspended , due to rain. This suspending was strange, as matches on all other courts continued.


Update 2:

Alizé Cornet - Sorana Cirstea

Loocie returned from the outer districts and we continued to trade together.

Backed Cornet with one break down in second set after winning the first set. Cirstea went up to 4-1 lead, but Cornet fought back and won the set 7-5.

Bets for the match:

Back Cornet 10€ @ 1.4

Lay Cornet 5€ @ 1.16

Profit: 3,20€ (+32% ROI)

Result: Cornet won 6-1, 7-5


That was all for me today. No loss, no mistake. Good day!

Tot ziens,


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