Trading tennis masters Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo


yesterday I traded two matches:

Ferrero v Llodra

I backed Ferrero 10€@2.0 when losing 1st set 6-7.

Stats first set:

1st set

You see, score is very clear in 2nd and 3rd set and I could green up very easily.

total profit this match: +5,17€ (+51,7%ROI)

Lopez v A Murray

I layed Murray 30€@1,35 during 1st set when Lopez was leading 3-2 and Murray serving. Sadly Murray took 1st set. I had some stop loss trades to minimize eventually loss.

total loss this match: -6,96€ (-66,29%ROI)

Muxor had the same trade laying Murray.

total loss today: -1,79€

More matches today, maybe I can enter some markets in promising situations.

All the best, Loocie

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