Busy Times


Busy Sorry for not posting that often on the blog at the moment. I know there are a lot people out there waiting for the next blog post of the betting bot series.
Currently I have not enough time for anything. I am working on a job change and I am preparing for moving in a new flat. Really busy times at the moment.

Cheers, Loocie


Summary August 2010


Today I will give a small update about how I am progressing at the moment.
Currently I have not much time to write in detail about my betting, because I have a lot to do at work.
However, I am still progressing with the semi automated version of HorstBecker. Finding the bug I mention earlier was really helpful.


August produced a total profit of 305.59 points!! This was the first month where I made more money from betting than money I get from work.
A few days ago I also checked the source code of the full automated version of HorstBecker and the bug was also present. I fixed that, but we need to wait for end of September to see if this will improve results or not.

I am also still working on the next section of the series “Creating A Betfair Bot With C#”. It is not yet finished, but hopefully I will get some time to finish work on that.

That’s it so far.

Cheers, Loocie