Germany – England 4:1


what a great match it was…for Germany!


I know we have some blog readers from the United Kingdom and I know it is brutal to see the own team losing…but I think it is worth to mention the incredible win against the Three Lions.

To be honest, yes, the shot from Lampard was a goal and the score had to be 2-2. Is this poetic justice, is this the reverse Wembley goal? The question is simple: It does not matter! The far better team won the match well-deserved.

I watched the match in a beach area and the atmosphere was amazing:

Cheers, Loocie


Shaky Month


Sunday morning, a good time to do a proper blog post. The FIFA World Cup 2010 is underway and I watched many boring low scoring games. Is the vuvuzela sound the reason for having such boring uneventful matches? Hopefully the final group stage matches will bring some more excitements.

What’s up on the horse betting bot front? June has been a shaky month so far.


Currently the semi automated HorstBecker is 34 points in profit. I expected Royal Ascot to give the month a boost, but it did not. At the moment not a huge profit compared to last months stunning performance, but still a profit. There are many “services” out there which would be happy to claim a monthly profit of 34 points or more, so I can not complain.

At the moment I am working on a football value betting system. I have the whole system including the technical aspects detailed in my mind and today I started creating the database model. I am sure this system can be used by many people, because there is so much liquidity available, so I will create a web based system for that. I am not sure if it will be available for everybody or just for a closed group, not yet decided. The first step is to get it running until the new football season starts. This means a lot of work, but I will keep you updated how I am progressing.

That’s it for now. Have a nice Sunday!

Cheers, Loocie




now I have the time to do a proper blog post about what I have done in the world of betting during the last few weeks.

I stopped concentrating on trading live sports event. I am not progressing as expected, so I decided to spend my time on working on the betting bots.

HorstBecker and LaylaCheval are currently running in simulation mode. The results have not been that consistent as expected.

I created a semi automated version of HorstBecker and the results are stunning so far. It made 334.29 points profit in May.

I also created a bot which trades inplay horse races. Currently it is running in simulation mode and collecting data, but looks also very promising.

At the moment I am working on my central tracking platform to create automated reports about the results and stats of the betting bots work, so I hope soon I can publish some more detailed information how the bots perform.

That’s it so far. Later Soderling will play Nadal in the final of French Open 2010. Hopefully it will be an exciting match.

All the best,