Germany – England 4:1


what a great match it was…for Germany!


I know we have some blog readers from the United Kingdom and I know it is brutal to see the own team losing…but I think it is worth to mention the incredible win against the Three Lions.

To be honest, yes, the shot from Lampard was a goal and the score had to be 2-2. Is this poetic justice, is this the reverse Wembley goal? The question is simple: It does not matter! The far better team won the match well-deserved.

I watched the match in a beach area and the atmosphere was amazing:

Cheers, Loocie


mnm said...

Germany was the best team.Surely a deserved victory and a great performance...
Hope u make it to the final!

Flutter F1 said...

It's painfull watching that video :)

Loocie said...

Hi mnm,

I hope you are right :)

Cheers, Loocie

Loocie said...

Hi John,

why is painful to watch that video? You can see happy people celebrating the final result of a football match ;)
I know what you mean, but there has to be a winner and a loser, yesterday Germany did it.

Cheers, Loocie