Hello everybody,

I am still alive! A really long time since my last blog post. There are two reason for not posting that often in the moment: Firstly time is really limited. I am still working from 9 to 5 and doing the horses as well, so every free minute is appreciated.
The second one is that I do not have to say anything interesting. I am posting my profit/loss figure on a daily bases on the right side via twitter, just to keep you updated.
The horses are doing really well. March is already with 96.48 points in profit and with Cheltenham in front, I am really excited what March in total will bring.
On 2nd of April Muxor and me will attend a football trading seminar in Manchester. We will arrive on Friday and we will stay there until Sunday. It is the first time that we get in touch in real life with other traders and I am really excited about other people’s background, motivation and ideas about sports trading and betting. 
That’s it so far. I will keep you updated about the trading seminar and maybe other stuff, too ;-)