now I have the time to do a proper blog post about what I have done in the world of betting during the last few weeks.

I stopped concentrating on trading live sports event. I am not progressing as expected, so I decided to spend my time on working on the betting bots.

HorstBecker and LaylaCheval are currently running in simulation mode. The results have not been that consistent as expected.

I created a semi automated version of HorstBecker and the results are stunning so far. It made 334.29 points profit in May.

I also created a bot which trades inplay horse races. Currently it is running in simulation mode and collecting data, but looks also very promising.

At the moment I am working on my central tracking platform to create automated reports about the results and stats of the betting bots work, so I hope soon I can publish some more detailed information how the bots perform.

That’s it so far. Later Soderling will play Nadal in the final of French Open 2010. Hopefully it will be an exciting match.

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