Trading 2008 Monte Carlo Masters final


today I traded the final of 2008 Monte Carlo Masters:

Federer v Nadal

Nadal was leading 6-5 in 1st set and Federer was serving. I backed Nadal 10€@1,47 as a good free bet. Federer lost his service game and so the first set 5-7 and odds on Nadal shortened to 1,2. I layed Nadal 20€@1,2 because I thought Federer could give him another good fight in 2nd set. Federer did and was leading 4-0 in 2nd set. Odds on Nadal lengthened to 1,7. This was the exit point to make profit each way, because odds would not move significantly if Federer wins 2nd set. But I did not made profit each why. Was a great mistake!

Nadal fought back and Federer stopped playing tennis. Later I made profit each way, because I recognized that I have missed the correct point to exit.

This is a general issue I have to learn.

total profit this match: +1,46€ (14,6%ROI)

All the best, Loocie

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