Trading 2008 Roland Garros



yesterday 2008 French Open started and I was involved in the following matches:

Vaidisova v Benesova

First game and first loss.

In 1st set I applied a free lay, but did not work. Benesova won 1st set and I layed her. I hoped Vaidisova could force a third set. She stopped playing tennis and lost 2nd set 1-6.

total loss this match: -13.70€

Gremelmayr v Djokovic

Gremelmayr was playing pretty well in 1st set and Djokovic was in trouble. Pre match odds on Djokovic: 1.02! I backed Djokovic @1.15 but got too nervous, maybe because of previous loss and took a stop loss.

total loss this match: -3.51€

Moya v Schwank

I applied a free lay. Did not worked. Generally free lays only work in matches best of 3 sets, so I should not apply this in best of 5 set matches.

total loss this match: -0.89€

Ditty v Dechy

Again a free lay, but it worked.

total profit this match: +4.00€

What a bad start for me in 2008 French Open. I hope I can improve today.

Stats so far:

total loss yesterday: -14.09€

total loss last week: -1.89€

total profit this month: +38.90€

All the best, Loocie

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