Tennis hedging inplay


today I traded the following matches:

Federer v Verdasco

I modified my tennis hedging strategy and applied this strategy completely inplay. The lower the odds, the lower is the required odds movement to achieve 20% profit each way.

Federer won 1st set 6-3. Score in 2nd set was 2-1 for Verdasco and Federer was serving. Odds on Federer were 1.06. I only needed 1.07 to reach my 20%. Federer lost 1st point and I got my 1.07 and the profit was there. In previous service game I watched the odds closely and recognized that the odds moved quickly, if there was just a second serve.

total profit this match: +4.98€

Montanes v Djokovic

Similar situation here:

Djokovic won 1st set 6-2, but Montanes was not playing bad. Odds on Djokovic were around 1.1, so I needed only 2 ticks to make 20% profit each way.

total profit this match: +5.13€

V Williams v Jankovic

This was an example how not to apply this modified strategy:

It is very important, that you watch the odds movement in previous service games. I did not watched the odds, but layed Jankovic when she was serving for match. It was such a stupid trade. I think you should apply this strategy only in early service games, not in deciding service games and you have to watch the odds movement.

total loss this match: -5.00€

Maybe I will trade Nadal - Moya later.


No more trading today.


total profit today: +5.11€

total profit this week: +21.54€

total profit this month: +38.86€

All the best, Loocie

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