Do they know the Betfair retirement rule?


today I traded the following matches:

Safin v Moya

I applied free lays: I layed Moya when Safin was leading 5-4 and later when he was leading 6-5, but those free lays did not work, so score was 6-6. For this tie break I used a stop loss with a maximum loss of 5€. I was happy because the stop loss was not necessary, so I could turn the small loss into a small win.

total profit this match: +0.36€

Pironkova v Azarenka

What a disappointing match! I layed Pironkova 5€@1.9 when she was leading 4-2. She won this set 6-2 but stats showed that both players were equal. See picture below:


After Pironkova won this 1st set, I layed her again.

You see in this picture what happened, Azarenka retired. I can not understand why these players play the first set. Maybe they know the Betfair retirement rule.

total loss this match: -11.35€

Wozniacki v Sharapova

Sharapova won 1st set 6-4, but was a break behind in 2nd set when Wozniacki was leading 4-1. I backed Sharapova 10€@1.3, because it was just one break and the odds were higher than pre match, crazy!Sharapova fought back and won this set 7-6. I did not lay off.

total profit this match: +2.85€

A Radwanska v Chakvetadze

I was nervous when trading this match. Had really very much trades, was not a good match. Finally I scratched all the trades I putted in. I think it was a mix of fear losing again money and not having a right trading plan for this match. I could avoid a loss, so I am not unhappy.

total profit this match: +0.02€

Kuznetsova v Cornet

Was the same as in previous match. Again fear of losing money, so I scratched my trade. I opposed Kuznetsova, so it is double frustrating as she lost in straight sets.

total profit this match: +0.45€

Not a good trading day for me. Can not understand why I lose so fast my self confidence, especially because my loss came from a match with a retirement.

Stats so far:

total profit today: -7.67€

total profit this week: +16.43€

total profit this month: +33.75€

All the best, Loocie

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