Stop losses are very useful


yesterday I had only small trades. I traded one tennis match and Formula1 GP of Turkey:

Darcis v Ljubicic

I applied a free lay: Darcis was leading 6-5 in 3rd set and I layed Ljubicic 4€@2,2. Ljubicic won his service game and score was 6-6. I took a stop loss and layed Darcis 3,86€@2,2.

total loss this match: -0,94€

Formula 1 Fastest Lap:

Pre match I dutched Hamilton and Kovalainen to drive fastest lap. Both Ferraris had one-race old engines whilst both McLarens had fresh ones.

I could reduce liability inplay, but I did not win money:


Formula 1 Winner market:

I layed Massa 10€@1,38 before he was overtaken by Hamilton. See video below:

Later his odds where something like 1,5x or so. That was the point I should back him back, because Hamilton was driving very fast laps and that meant he was a 3 stopper. I realised that too late and took a small loss.

total loss this market: -0,30€

total loss today: -1,12€

total profit this week: +17,32€

total profit this month: +17,32€

I am not annoyed about today's trades. I took all stop losses and made only small losses. On the long run I will make profit.

Wish you good luck with trading!

Cheers, Loocie

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