Today's tennis trades


today I traded the following matches:

Petrova v Amanmuradova

Petrova was favourite with pre match odds around 1.3. Yesterday I layed Petrova @1.31 because I thought the odds would move to 1.4x. This morning I woke up and logged in Betfair and match was already inplay. Yesterday order of play showed, that this match should start not before 12.00 AM.

I had to take a stop loss because odds moved to 1.25 or something. Later I could apply some quick trades to break even on this match.

Petrova was leading 5-1 in 1st set. Should be an easy win of 1st set, but then she stopped playing tennis. Amanmuradova was fighting and could equalize, so score was 5-5 and Petrova was serving. I layed Petrova 10€@1.32. She won this service game and was leading 6-5. When Amanmuradova was serving Petrova had two set points and score was 15-40. Amanmuradova fought back and score was 6-6. Good for me, but not so good for Petrova: She lost tie break 0-7! I took out risk, but let most of the money on Amanmuradova.

Final result: Petrova v Amanmuradova 6-7, 6-1, 4-6

total profit this match: +5.80€

Pironkova v Govortsova

Pironkova won 1st set 7-6 and I layed her in tie break of 2nd set. 100€@1.03. Very often you see big swings in tie breaks and both players had around 40% return points won so there was a good chance of having a big swing. But not today. Pironkova won this match 7-6, 7-6 and I lost my whole stake.

total loss this match: -3.00€

Srebotnik v Peng

Srebotnik won 1st set 6-4 and she was leading 6-5 in 2nd set. See match stats below:


Peng had 48% return points won in this 2nd set, so there was a high probability of a rebreak. So I layed Srebotnik 100€@1.02 with the intention to back her at 50€@1.04 back to have a risk free bet on Peng. This trade worked, but Peng did not make the break and Srebotnik won 6-5, 7-5,.

total profit this match: 0.00€

Davydenko v Seppi

Earlier this day Davydenko played his 2nd round match against John Isner. Davydenko won this match 6-2, 6-7, 6-3. So how about his fitness and how about his motivation to have another fight, especially when next week 2008 French Open will start.

Seppi also played earlier today, but he could beat Kavcic 6-1, 6-4 easily.

Pre match I could create a risk free bet on Seppi. See screenshot below:


So fingers crossed for Seppi! I will update later.


Davydenko won this match 6-3, 1-6, 6-3

Stats so far:

total profit this match: +0.95€

total profit today: +3.75€

total profit this week: +5.22€

total profit this month: +46.01€

All the best, Loocie

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