Warming Up With Paper Trading


today the final of the Capitala World Tennis Championship took place and I used this event to do some paper trading for warming up for the new tennis season. I did not want to use real money, because it is only an exhibition event.


Pre match odds: Nadal: 1.6, Murray 2.62

Murray made the break and score was 3-1* 0-30 and odds of 1.56 on Murray were available. This was a really good trading point, because odds would not move very much lower, even if Murray would win the first set.

Nadal fought back and could equalise to 4-4. Odds on Nadal now available at 1.7. In this situation I would make it each way, because everything could happen now and there is no need to waste profit.

Bets so far:

3-1* 30-0: Lay Murray 37€@1.56
4-4: Lay Nadal 34€@1.71


Murray made again the break and won the first set 6-4, odds on him dropped to 1.5.

Now I would make a Back of Nadal with 30% of the profit, because I expected Nadal to take at least one set, so stats are now:


Bets so far:

3-1* 0-30: Lay Murray 37€@1.56
4-4: Lay Nadal 34€@1.71
6-4, 0-0: Back Nadal 4.5€@3

Early in the 2nd set Nadal was a break behind and odds on Murray dropped to 1.13. Nadal fought back and won the 2nd set 7-5.

I have a rule, that there is no trading in deciding sets, so I would make it each way with a Lay Nadal 8€@1.65.


Bets so far:

3-1* 0-30: Lay Murray 37€@1.56
4-4: Lay Nadal 34€@1.71
6-4, 0-0: Back Nadal 4.5€@3
6-4, 5-7, 0-0 Lay Nadal 8€@1.65

Total paper profit: +16.78€

Murray v Nadal 6-4, 5-7, still playing while typing this

This was a good warm up for me. Hopefully I can have such good trades during the next weeks when a couple of tournaments start.

That's it for now!

Cheers, Loocie


Craig said...

Hi Loccie.

Congratulations. A very good start to the year! Hard to see how you could have done any better. If you carry on like this you will should meet your goal very quickly.


Loocie said...

Hi Craig,

thanks for dropping by.
Was a good trade, but only on paper. Hopefully I can do something similar when trading with real money.

Cheers, Loocie

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