Australian Open 2009 Day 5


today was not my best day.
todayI lost my patience during the match Wozniacki v Dokic. I could not accept a loss and traded during the 3rd set. It is really disappointing how I lost the control in this match.
The only good thing during the trading day was my decision during the match Kleybanova v Ivanovic. I did not trade during the 3rd set. I thought Ivanovic would win this match, but she did not and I did not lose money with gambling in a deciding set.

Stats so far:
Total loss today: –15.71
Total profit this month: +30.20

Cheers, Loocie


Anonymous said...

Unlucky with the Dokic match. It's so frustrating when you lose control of yourself during trading. You just can't get that money back! Well done on Ivanovic though.

Loocie said...

Hi Anonymous,

thanks for dropping by. I agree with you: You just can't get that money back!
So there is no need to chase the losses, you only need to trade better the next matches and do not make the same mistakes again. It will pay off on the long run.

Cheers, Loocie