Australian Open Day 6


yesterday was day 6 of the Australian Open 2009 and I traded the following matches:
yesterdayI made no mistakes, but the trades did not pay off.

During the last few days I felt sick. Yesterday I visited the doctor and he said I came down with a varicella zoster infection.
I will not trade until I am healthy again. I think trading without a clear mind can be dangerous for your bankroll. There is no need to rush.

Stats so far:
Total loss yesterday: –6.89
Total profit this month: +23.31

Stay healthy!

Cheers, Loocie


amorphous said...

Is that not similar to chickenpox / shingles???

sounds nasty!!

get well soon!!

Loocie said...

Hi Amorphous,

thanks for your kind words!
I think "shingles" might be the right translation and yes, it is nasty!

I hope you are doing well!

Cheers, Loocie