Do Not Lay Bjoerndalen


on Saturday I traded the Men’s 10km sprint in biathlon. It was a costly lesson to learn, that this market does not suit my style of trading.

I was not very patient and entered the market when there was not reason for doing that.

It was also not easy to estimate the finishing time of Bjoerndalen. Pursuit and mass start are easier to trade because the biathletes have to shoot four times, not only twice like in sprint.

While typing this blog entry I am watching the Australian Open 2009. I will update later this day.

Stats so far:
Total loss Saturday: –18.40
Total profit this month: +25.73

Cheers, Loocie


Scott Ferguson said...

I got caught on Bjorndalen as well. It wasn't so much he's a champion but where he was on the startlist. Because he went out so early, laying him at the pre-race price, or close to it like I did was very dangerous... But I got the matchups right this time, so that reduced the damage a little.

Loocie said...

He did not miss a shot, so I think it was stupid to lay him at this moment. Next time I will do better :)

Cheers, Loocie