Other People’s Money


it is actually one week before a grand slam tournament, so I do not take very much risk when trading. Often I am not sure about the motivation of the players. Only if there is a really good opportunity I put on a trade.
This morning I had such an opportunity during the following match:

Govortsova v Pironkovagovortsova_pironkovaPre match odds: Govortsova: 2.68, Pironkova: 1.58
I fancied Pironkova to win this match, but both players are not very consistently, so I want to take profit whenever I could. 
Pironkova started to serve and I put on a Lay of Govortsova 37€@2.0. Very often it happens that other punters overreact on a 0-15 or 0-30 so I wanted to take advantage of it. When score was 1-0* and Govortsova started to serve I watched on my BettingAssistant and the bet was matched.
price govortsovaI was grateful about the gift and made it each way. Maybe again too early, but I was not sure about Pironkova’s motivation for this match.

I know it is other people’s money and I only got it because an other punter made a mistake, but I think it is not my fault. Every punter should take responsibility for his actions and try to apply rules to avoid such mistakes. I think mostly such mistakes occur, if you try to take short positions.

Cassini, the blog author of Green All Over wrote a blog entry about morality of gambling and I agree with him:
”…As I said before, it's up to the individual to control themselves - no one else. It really is quite pathetic when people do not take responsibility for their own actions…”

Govortsova v Pironkova 1-6, 2-6

Stats so far:
Total profit today: +8.81
Total profit this month: +44.13

That’s it for now. Be careful when clicking a button on betting software.

Cheers, Loocie

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