Trading Soccer And American Football


here is an overview of my last trades:

Trading Soccer

Bielefeld v Leverkusen


Pre match odds: Bielefeld 5.3, Leverkusen 1.75, Draw 4.1

I watched this match live and fancied Leverkusen to win. Score after the first half was still 0-0 and Bielefeld was really good defending. At the 50th minute I layed Leverkusen 10€@2.04 because at this time the odds should be something around 2.1-2.2 and Leverkusen could not create very much pressure on Bielefeld's defence. Three minutes later Bielefeld scored and I could make it each way.

Bielefeld v Leverkusen 2-1

I traded also Aachen v Osnabruck (0.00) and Karlsruhe v Dortmund (+0.27), but I scratched both trades.

Total profit trading soccer: +6.26

Trading American Football

NY Jets @ Tennessee


Pre match odds: NY Jets: 2.98, Tennessee: 1.5

I watched this match live on NASN. As mentioned earlier I am not happy about my trading of American Football. During this match I tried to anticipate the odds and if there is a significant difference between my predicted odds and the actual odds then I would put on a trade. I used a stake size of 10€. I was really surprised about the odds I got matched. I think there were some people betting (or trading) on this match without watching it. Within seconds I got matched odds less then evens on both sides!

I also wanted to trade the match Giants @ Arizona, but NASN had problems and I did not have live pictures, so I skipped that.

NY Jets 34 @ Tennessee 13

Stats so far:
Total profit since last update: +15.76
Total profit this month: +51.36

It has been quiet days on the trading front for me, so I could read some articles and books about trading in general. I found the web site http://www.tradingpsychology1.com/ and it seems really interesting stuff.

A year ago I was also one of these "Wannabe"-Traders who asked many people about their way of trading and mostly I got the answer "Study the market and learn to be disciplined and patient!". That was not my desired answer, but now I think I have a small clue, why this answer is the best advice I could get, because:

  • When trading you need to know how the market reacts,
  • You need to know which style of trades suits yourself
  • And you need to learn that trading is hard work.

Finally, I also think you need experience when trading. Nobody can tell you something which makes you experienced like a professional trader, you need to make experiences by yourself.

That's it for now. I wish you all the best.

Cheers, Loocie

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