Best Month So Far


here is an overview of my last trades:

Trading Soccer


Trading American Football


Overall stats
Total profit since last update: +18.74
Total profit this month: +70.10

I do not know what to write about. Mostly I am writing about the mistakes I am making, but during this month I did not make many mistakes. I will make the analysis of November 2008 later this week, but there is one statistic I want to mention now:

I traded 31 sport events and I had only 5 losses.

I had many scratched trades, but I think these trades helped me to avoid losses.

That's it for now. Nothing more to write about.

All the best with trading!

Cheers, Loocie


John said...

You faired out better than I did on the Giants/Skins game!

Loocie said...

Hi John,

Thanks for dropping by. I traded only the 1st half of the match and I got crazy odds matched. Pre match odds on NYG: 1.54.
When the game turned inplay I got a lay of NYG @1.36 matched. When they started to play I could back NYG again at 1.54. I had several such trades.
General I am more interested in taking long positions, but if there is free money available, I will take it ;)

Cheers, Loocie