Soccer, Biathlon And American Football


during the last week I had the following trades:

Trading Soccer


Soccer does not work for me this month. Again I forced a trade in the match Frankfurt v St. Pauli. The best method for me is laying a team when the score is still 0-0. I should concentrate on this.

In the match Bochum v Köln I layed Bochum pre match @2.2 which was a low price. I expected Bochum @2.4-2.5, but Köln did not played very well and I scratched the trade. Köln won the match 2-1, but I think it was the right decision.

Total loss trading Soccer: -10.25

Trading Biathlon


Again I had a look at the pursuit in biathlon. I missed one trade after the 1st shooting.
Just before the start of the last shooting the odds on Svendsen were 1.9x-2.0x and this was a typical gambling point. I recognized this and closed the trade with a small loss.

Total loss trading Biathlon: -0.72

Trading American Football



I am happy to post some green figures too :) Both matches were difficult to trade.

Total profit trading American Football: +12.92

There is only one week of trading for me this year. I would be happy if I could turn this month's small loss into a small profit to finish the last month of the year with a green figure.

Stats so far:
Total profit since last update: +1.86
Total loss this month: -4.65

Cheers, Loocie

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