Analysis Of December 2008


the trading month is over, so it is time to do my analysis. Today I will keep it a short blog entry:


This month's loss was a result of impatience and taking short positions. I traded too many Soccer matches. I had two matches where I could not accept a loss and entered in other markets (over/under) to cover the loss from match odds markets. It was wasting time and wasting money.

Overall stats:

December 08: -€17.37
November 08: +€70.10
October 08: +€38.35
September 08: -€11.57
August 08: -€7.74
July 08: +€29.10
June 08: +€25.90
May 08: +€1.36
April 08: +€25.27
March 08: +€3.08

Total profit 2008: +€156.48

That's it for now.

Cheers, Loocie

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