My First Previews


here is an overview of my last trades:

Trading Tennis

Petrova v Dementieva


Pre match odds: Petrova 4.1, Dementieva 1.33

Pre match odds were really wrong. I expected Dementieva @1.6-1.7 so I layed her pre match @1.33. Petrova started to serve and score was 0-30 and odds around 1.17. If she lose the set by one break odds would have been 1.14, so I layed Dementieva again @1.17. Petrova won her 1st serve game and also got the lead in the first set with 3-0. Odds on Dementieva raised to 1.8 and I made it each way @1.77, because she was only leading with one break and odds on Dementieva would have been around 2.1x if she lose the first set. Dementieva equalised and odds shortened to 1.33 again. Good decision to make it each way!

Petrova v Dementieva 4-6, 6-4, 4-6

Total profit tennis: +11.83

Trading Soccer


I scratched the trade in the match Koeln v Hannover. In the match Wehen v Kaiserslautern I had a small red each way, when score was still 0-0, but I was very confident about a goal appearance so I layed the draw to have a red on the draw and a small profit on every team. Final score was 4-2, so I made no loss.

Total profit soccer: +0.11

Total profit this month: +12.87

Today I will do my first preview of Tennis matches on this blog:

Zvonareva v Dementieva

Elena Dementieva is leading the H2H statistic 4-2 and on hard court she leads 3-0. Both players are in a good shape. Zvonareva plays her best tennis these days, so I expect a close match and I am sure this can be a classic 3 setter.

I will lay the winner of the first set, if inplay statistics indicate a close match. I also fancy Dementieva to win and I am really surprised about the pre match odds: Zvonareva 1.86, Dementieva 2.14.

The victory of Zvonareva over Jankovic is overestimated, so maybe this could be a reason for this odds.

Pre match I layed Zvonareva 17€@1.87.

My prediction: Zvonareva v Dementieva 1-2

Jankovic v V Williams

Jankovic leads the H2H 5-3, but on hard court Venus Williams leads 2-0. Jankovic had an injury timeout and a treatment during her last match, but I do not want to give her injury too much attention, because in every tournament she has injury timeouts. I expect again a 3 setter, but I only want to get involved, if statistics indicating a close match.

My prediction: Jankovic v V Williams 2-1

That's it for now. I will update later this evening.

Cheers, Loocie

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