You Can Count On An English Goalkeeper


what to say about the friendly match Germany v England? Germany did not play well and lost against a good playing English team.


Score was 0-1 and I layed England. I was waiting for Germany to start playing football, but they did not. They can do really better! I was preparing the hedge bet to take an each way loss, but then the desired goal was scored. Here a quote from sporting-life.com live ticker:

"63: GOAL HELMES (1-1)!!! Seconds after Bent misses a sitter at one end, Germany break and a horrendous moment of Chuckle Brothers 'to me-to you' between Terry and Carson sees Helmes sneak in to equalise."

It was not a good game to watch: Many mistakes and the wrong final result ;)

From a trading perspective it was a good game and I have a nice profit (53% ROI).

Germany v England 1-2

Stats so far:
Total profit since last update: +5.36
Total profit this
month: +35.60

Cheers, Loocie


David Allen said...

You got lucky with that one. I am looking at a few different strategies at the moment and I was looking at the backing the 1-1 draw and it actually worked pretty well with that Germany England game.

Loocie said...

Hi David,

thank you for leaving a comment. You are right, I was lucky with that trade.
I read your blog entry about trading the 1-1 draw and it seems interesting. Which matches do you select when trading the 1-1? Generally a good selection of matches is the fundament of successful trading of soccer matches, do you agree?

Cheers, Loocie