Tennis, Soccer And Formula 1


here is an overview of my last trades:

Trading Tennis


Everything worked fine except one match:

Ivanovic v Zvonareva
I applied a different approach to my regular trading. Generally I am looking for long positions during a tennis match, but in this match I was looking for short positions. I traded this match with my regular stake sizes and that was a mistake. My maximum liability raised to 50€ during the match and I am very happy that I could avoid a loss. When trying other strategies then only do paper trading or at least trade with small stakes.

When I remember my feelings during this match, than I have to say I was too nervous. I can not trade with such a hectic pace. Short position trading does not suit my style. That is also a reason why trading the horses pre-race does not work for me.

Total profit tennis: +11.78

Trading Soccer


A scratched trade and a heavy loss.

Kaiserslautern v 1860 Munich
Pre match I fancied Kaiserslautern to win, if they put pressure on the defence of 1860 Munich. They did, but they could not create a really good chance to score. I took a stop loss and had a loss of €2 each way. Score was still 0:0. That was the time I should have stopped trading this match. During the second half I layed the draw in the hope (hope is not good for trading) for a goal. The final score was 0:0 and I lost -11.46€ on this match.

Total loss soccer: -11.22

Trading Formula 1


Generally I only trade the fastest lap market. But I should have an eye on the safety car market as well. If you have quick fingers you can make decent profits. I think there was a collision at the start of race and if you are a little experienced in watching Formula 1 you could see that there was a very high probability of a safety car appearance. I will investigate this in the next season.

Trading the fastest lap market was quite difficult for me. This race was similar to the Italian GP where I lost over €70. Wet conditions at the start of the race and they changed to dry conditions during the race so we could see many different fastest lap leaders. I learned from my mistake in the Italian GP and had only a small profit from the last Grand Prix of 2008.

Hamilton won the driver championship and I think he deserved the title.

Total profit Formula 1: +0.37

I am really happy about my tennis trading. Hopefully I can keep up this performance.

Total profit this month: +0.93

Cheers, Loocie

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