Quiet Days


it has been quiet on the trading front during the last days. Tennis season is nearly over, so I can take this time to have a look in other sports.

I had two trades during the last few days:

Trading Tennis


Trading Handball


It is the 2nd time I was involved in trading handball. This match was televised via Eurosport and I watched the odds during the match. Liquidity is not very great, but this can also be a chance to get odds matched you do not get matched, if the liability is good.

What can I expect from the rest of the trading year? Well, I will have a look in soccer, nfl and handball. I do not expect many trades, because I only will put on a trade, if there is a really good opportunity.

I will also take this time to prepare for the tennis season next year. I will create an online database to save all my notes and comments about players and matches. I think I also have to analyse the play of each tennis player. Some of them are good servers others are good return players, some play only ground line strokes and others attack from the net, etc. It is also important to know under which weather conditions a tennis match takes place and which players have problems with it, e.g. Dinara Safina has problems with windy conditions.

That's it for now. I wish you all good luck with trading!

Stats so far:
total profit this month: +18.79

Cheers, Loocie

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