Roundup Of The Weekend


during the last few days I made the following trades:

Trading Tennis


I am happy to have a profit in the last trade of the year. I was very disciplined and patient, although I missed a trading opportunity.

Total Profit Tennis: +5.72

Trading Soccer


In the match Koblenz v Mainz I was a little bit lucky. I backed Mainz right before a corner kick and they scored. Mainz was the better team and they put very much pressure on Koblenz' defence.

Total Profit Soccer: +6.11

Trading American Football


Trading NFL games does not work as expected. Often I have a profit each way and a fumble or an interception occurs and all the profit is gone. Yesterday in the match Chargers v Steelers I recognized that I am mixing my trading style. Generally I like it to take long positions, because it is not so hectic like taking short positions and you do not rely so much on a fast Internet connection and fast pictures on TV. When Trading American Football I am mixing taking long positions and taking short positions. Very often I take a long position and then I change my mind about the game and make this position to a short position. I think I have to work out a cheat sheet for Trading American Football like I did it for Trading Tennis.

Total Loss American Football: -0.38

The next weeks will be very quiet. Mostly I will trade at the weekend (Soccer and American Football), maybe some handball too.

During the last week I read that WUBT Radio is back. When You Bet Today radio show is hosted by “Man of Mystery”, who is running a betting bot and in his radio show he interviews some people from the betting front. Some of the interviews are available as podcast. I like to listen to his radio shows. It is very interesting to hear about people who are also involved in trading or betting.

Stats so far:
Total profit since last update: +11.45
Total profit this month: +30.24

All the best!

Cheers, Loocie

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