Risk means you might loose

Maria Sharapova - Alona Bondarenko

Backed Sharapova 2-0 Victory at 1.28 during first set and traded out half of my risk after Sharapova winning first set and leading with a break in second set. Unfortunately she stopped playing her normal tennis afterwards and lost the set 5-7.
More unfortunately I didn't follow my own stop loss advise (or in this case a save profit advise) and let the winnings run until they turned into a loss. One of the most important things to improve... to beat your inner aversion against loss or small profits, if odds are running against you.

Not nice, but nothing to do now, we will get it back.

Bets for the match:

Back Sharapova 2-0 20€ @ 1.28
Lay Sharapova 2-0 10€ @ 1.08

Loss: 10 € (-50% ROI)



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