Tennis Inplay Betting

One another category of this blog will be the inplay markets of tennis matches.

When trading on an inplay tennis marke, the objective is to find (and use) market overreactions and to predict turning(trading-)points of the match correctly.

There are also some rules we figured out for betting inplay. But I will cover these rules step by step. First rule to mention:

Don't enter markets in the final set, when two equal players meet each other.

Only if clear favs go to third set, they are worth a back-bet. Fav should be at odds of 1.5 or less prematch.

One example of a match covered this evening and an example when to enter market lately:


Bartoli won first set 6-3 quite easily and also was doing well in second set, but Kerber fought it into tiebrak. Stats said Kerber winning only 50% service points in second set and less than 50% during first set. Bartoli, as the much more experienced player and with positive overall tiebreak statistics, was a clear fav for this tiebrak and the whole match at all. As market was offering a 1.35 before tiebreak I entered market with small stake and willing to back more, if it would go to third set.

Easy going for Bartoli to win the tiebreak 7-3. I took out risk at first match point, when 1.01 was offered.

Bets for this match:

Back Bartoli 10€ @ 1.35
Lay Bartoli 10€ @ 1.01

Profit: +3,4€ (34% ROI)

Small profit, but also small risk.

Will come back with more from the inplay markets later...

Adios Amigos,


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