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Today, on day six of the Sony Ericsson Open, I made the following trades.

First we started to try Loocies new strategy in laying favs around 1.3.

Started with the match:

Nicolay Davydenko - Simone Bolelli

Layed Davydenk prematch and greened up after him loosing the first set.

Bets for the match:

Lay Davydenko 35€ @ 1.31

Back Davydenko 15€ @ 1.90

Back Davydenko 5€ @ 1.99

Profit: 7,60€ (+70,37% ROI)


Bolelli didn't use his chances in second set.

Result: Davydenko won 6-7, 7-5, 6-1



Update 1 and second match to cover:

Svetlana Kuznetsova - Shahar Peer

Backed Kuznetsova prematch and layed out half of the risk after she won the first ste in tiebreak. I expected her to win first set easier, so I took a higher odd to lay. When she was leading in second set I greened up.

Result: Kuznetsova won 7-6, 6-3

Bets for the match:

Back Kuznetsova 10€ @ 1.58

Lay Kuznetsova 5€ @ 1.25

Lay Kuznetsova 5€ @ 1.05

Lay Kuznetsova 4€ @ 1.01

Profit: 4,26€ (+42,6% ROI)


Update 2:

Had to suffer one major loss in the match

Sabine Lisicki - Elena Dementieva

Layed Lisicki after loosing the first set and after beeing braked in second set. Thought she could make second set tighter... Wrong though, wrong decission.

Result: Dementieva won 6-3, 6-2

Lay Dementieva 100€ @ 1.1

Lay Dementieva 180€ @ 1.05

Loss: 19€ (-100% ROI)

Update 3:

Last match for me today

Mikhail Youzhny - Nicolas Almagro

Backed Youzhny when leading 1-0. He went straight forward to 4-0, but then chocked and could only win first se in tiebreak. Lucky me. Layed him after winning the set.

Bets for the match:

Back Youzhny 20€ @ 1.55

Back Youzhny 10€ @ 1.36

Lay Youzhny 10€ @ 1.29

Lay Youzhny 20€ @ 1.25

Lay Youzhny 3.53 @ 1.81

Profit: 3,84€ (+12,8% ROI)

Players still on court. Try to make winning each way now as soon as possible. 

As this match is completely open and unpredictable right now, I decided to take at least the now possible 10% ROI each way and leave it till the end. Youzhny also seems to have an injury on his shoulder.

In a very close tiebreak, Youzhny could save the victory after Lamagro was already serving for the match, leadin 5-4.

I am still confident with my decission to make winning each way also at high odds, as both players could have won this match.

Result: Youzhny won 7-6, 3-6, 7-6


So the day was not so profitable like the last two days. Leaving a small loss of about 4,50. But if everyday would work like the last two days, i could quit my dayjob. So looking forward to the next matches.

Sain bisu,


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