24h of Ups and Downs

During last 24 hours i made many trades... too many. All in all it was resulting in a loss. 3 trades went into major losses. That is too much. Have to change that. I will only provide the profit on each game, as there are too many trades to list them all.

Wozniak - Rezai

Loss: 30€ (-100% ROI)

Kunitsyn - Johansson

Profit: 13,40€ (+67% ROI)

Razzano - Hakleroad

Loss:16€ (-100% ROI)

Dechy - Peer

Loss: 28€ (-100% ROI)

Vesnina - Szavay

Profit: 5,6€ (+28% ROI)

Kuznetsova - Chan

Profit: 5,80€ (+29% ROI)

Penneta - Rodionova

Profit: 10,01€ (+48% ROI)

Errani - Kirilenko

Profit: 0,00€ (+0% ROI)

Bartoli - Wozniacki

Profit: 0,89€ (+17,8% ROI)

Anderson - Djokovich

Loss: -30,20€ (-100% ROI)

Gasquet - Tursunov

Proft: 40,70€ (+101,75% ROI)

Nalbandian - Malisse

Profit: 8,35€ (+55,67% ROI)

Gonzalez - Cuevas

Profit: 6,30€ (+40% ROI)

Maybe too many games, but it is the first and second round of a major tournament and so many games take place. Going down with Djoko was all right in my oppinion, but going down with Rezai, Razzano and Dechy was not OK. Had to take a stopp loss here and maybe I should stop betting on matches with french players.

And if I had used the same stake on all trades it would have been a day in profit at all. Will see how to improve that.

Will come back later with the matches of today. Hope to manage to do it closer to the matches or live.



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