Miami - The Day After

We will see how the tennis circuit will react to the next top seeded player going home early. The madness in march continues in the world of the little yellow balls.

First match traded today was

Sabine Lisicki - Mariya Koryttseva

I backed Lisicki after the first point at 1.8 with 40€, as 1.6 was the real odd and when odds jumped back to 1.6 i layed 20 out. So i had position like backing at 2.0. So the real risk for calculations of this trade should be 20€.

Bets for the match:

Back Lisicki 40€ @ 1.8

Lay Lisicki 20€ @ 1.6

Back Lisicki 10€ @ 1.42

Lay Lisicki 10€ @ 1.2

Lay Lisicki 20€ @ 1.1

Lay Lisicki 20€ @ 1.01

Profit: 20€  (+50% ROI)


I will update this post during the day, when other trades follow.


Update 1:

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga - Jürgen Melzer

I backed Melzer when he had set points in tiebreak of first set. As expexted he won the set. I layed him when he had breakball in second set. So far he didn't break. Players still on court... open end.


Bets so far:

Back Melzer 10€ @ 1.8

Lay Melzer 10€ @ 1.4

Tsonga got it together, so no profit in this match. But well played of Melzer. Better then expected.

Profit: +0,00€  (0% ROI)

Update 2:

Safina - Wozniak

Tried to lay Dinara Safina at low odds and take out risk at double odds, but didn't work. But Safina is always worth a try.

Bets for the match:

Lay Safina 100€ @ 1.04

Loss: 4€ (-100% ROI)


Ai Sugiyama - Anabel Medina Garrigues

Went into match during second set. Layed Sugiyama after winning her service and backed Sugiyama after Garigues winning her service game with full risk then on Garrigues. Layed out after Sugiyama breaking.

Bets for the match:

Lay Sugiyama 20€ @ 1.46

Back Sugiyama 30€ @ 1.68

Lay Sugiyama 10€ @ 1.1

Profit: 10,20€  (+102% ROI)



Update 3:

Victor Troicki - Andy Roddick

Backed Roddick when Troicki was leading 6-5 in first set. Prediction was Roddick to win first set. So took a stop loss after Troicki winning the set and leavin minimal profit on Roddick. He managed to win in three sets, so luck for me not to loose.

Bets for the match:

Back Roddick 10€ @ 1.32

Back Roddick 5€ @1.51

Lay Roddick 7€ @ 1.63

Profit: 1,34€  (+8,93% ROI)


Amelie Mauresmo - Shuai Peng

Backed Mauresmo when winning second set comfortably. But like always Mauresmo couldn't even use a leading in third set and needed the Tiebreak to win lucky.

Bets for the match:

Back Mauresmo 10€ @ 1.55

Lay Mauresmo 10€ @ 1.1

Profit: 4,50€  (+45% ROI)


Update 4:

Andy Murray - Mario Ancic

Backed Murray after loosing the first set. Risk was killed after Murray wining the second set and winning was made nearly each way, when Murray breaked Ancic in third set.

Bets for the match:

Lay Ancic 20€ @ 1.49

Lay Murray 9€ @ 1.61

Lay Murray 1€ @ 1.58

Lay Murray 10€ @ 1.12

Profit: 10,20€  (+104,1% ROI)



Update 5:

Had a great day so far, but killed good mood with a silly decission. Decided to back Wawrinka at quite low odds, when he was having break points in second set, as Soderling didn't have any breakpoint during the whole match so far. But Wawrinka chocked like always... Killed some of the nice profit of the day.

Stanislas Wawrinka - Robin Soderling

Bets for the match:

Back Wawrinka 10€ @ 1.36

Loss: 10€ (-100% ROI)


So long,


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