Well Traded


During this week I did not trade that much so far, because I was visiting my family.

Just today I traded the match Robredo v Andreev.
Andreev took the first set 6-4. When Robredo was leading 1-0 during the 2nd set I wanted to lay Andreev. Every bet I entered did not get matched, because the odds moved too fast for me. I missed the trading opportunity and Robredo was leading 2-0. In the past missing a trading opportunity was a common reason for me to chase a trade, to chase a possible profit and to create a disappointing loss. Today I realised the situation and I kept cool.

Sometimes it is important to become aware of something you made wrong in the past.

Writing down these thoughts will help me to be focused on this issue for the next matches.

No profit/loss figures today, just my thoughts on the match.

Cheers, Loocie

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