First Dabble On Trading On Darts


This week I started trading on darts with real money.darts I traded all the matches with €11 stakes, so the profit is ok. It is a very fast sport, so you need to take the odds as fast as possible. Tick chasing can cost you money.

I also traded the tennis match S Williams v Zakopalova, but had to scratch it and made +0.22 on this match. The same yesterday with Errani v Medina Garrigues. Had to scratch my trade, because I had connection problems. Made +0.10 on this match.

Stats so far:
Total profit since last update: +18.99
Total profit this month: +30.00

Cheers, Loocie


Anthony said...

Well done on the darts. I've noticed before that it's very similar to the tennis but haven't had the chance to try it. Busy or lazy?!
Please don't forget, now you've had a good start to the month, keep your discipline and wait for the good trades to come to you. They will.

Loocie said...

Hi Anthony,

thanks for your kind words. I agree with you, it is similar to tennis, so I will keep focused on that.
You are right mate, just need to wait for good opportunities. Had a couple of good trades, but nothing paid off during the last days. But I am patient at the moment, that's good.
I hope you are on the right track, too.
Good luck!

Cheers, Loocie