Adding Small Green Figures To The Pot


not very much action these days so far. Just traded the Fastest Lap Market of the Bahrain Grand Prix at the weekend.


I also had a look at the Fed Cup matches, but I only got involved in the match Lisicki v Zheng. Again I had to scratch the trade, which created a small profit of 0.94.

It is near the end of the month and after last month’s awful result I am happy with the moderate profit of this month so far. The single month does not count. I need to look at the bigger picture:

I am well in front to achieve my goal of a net profit of 1000€ this year. I can achieve my goal easily with a net profit of 16% of my trading bank per month.

Sometimes it is important to have a look at your past result. It reminds you to keep focused and patient and it shows you what is possible with discipline and patience.

Stats so far:
Total profit since last update: +6.89
Total profit this month: +56.16

Cheers, Loocie

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