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the last few days have been very busy. Lot’s of stuff to do at work, so I could not trade that much.

Here is an overview of my trades since the last update:roundupTrading tennis does not pay off these days for me. Mostly I have to take a stop loss or scratch the trade. I did not make mistakes, but I am still a little struggling, when trading tennis.

Trading darts produced also a loss, but this is not a problem. I was a little less cautious than last week, so my stop loss bet in the match Klaasen v King was not matched. Starting the trading day with a loss does not raise your self confidence, so I was too cautious in the following matches. I will do better next week.

I also tried to trade the horses, especially the place market. I recognized some patterns in the place market and traded this market with a long term view, no scalping. I will have a look at this in the future.

Trading Formula 1 was really great this weekend. Generally I only have a look at the Fastest Lap Market, but today it was quite difficult. I was very cautious and could not identify a good opportunity, so I stayed away.
Pre race it was raining heavily, so it was quite possible to have a start behind the safety car. I watched the TV coverage closely and as they said we will have a race start behind the safety car I backed a safety car appearance in the Safety Car? Market. I got matched 60€@1.42. Really great! The same happened last year during a race. That’s what I call free money :)

My laying the horses project is still on a good run. Since the last blog update I selected 4/4 losers, which is really great. At the moment the selections produce the following stats:

Number of selections: 20
Number of horses won: 3
Number of horses lost: 17
Strike rate: 85%
Average lay odds: 3.56
Average lay odds of horse won: 2.94

If I can keep the average lay odds of horses which won below 3.56, then I need a strike rate of 72% to break even. Everything above means profit. I know I need more data to see if it could be profitable on the long term, so let’s see how it goes during the next weeks. I will update stats in the future here on the blog.

That’s it for now. At the moment I am visiting my family, so I will not trade that much during the next few days.

Stay lucky!

Stats so far:
Total profit since last update: +8.82
Total profit this month: +38.82

Cheers, Loocie

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