Fixed Odds


At the moment there are many rumours about match fixing in tennis. During this week a match between both Bondarenko sisters took place. Here is a screenshot a user from the Betfair forum made:

tennisbonderenkosistersu2 (Click on image to enlarge)

Starting odds:
K. Bondarenko: 2.20
A. Bondarenko: 1.82

I think you do not need to be an expert of trading on tennis. Kateryna was one set in front, but Alona was heavy favourite? Really strange. I did not trade the match. I also do not trade matches, when Serena Williams plays against her sister Venus Williams. It is a lottery. There are other good matches, so no need to waste your time and money on matches like this.

I also do not understand why people complain about match fixing. If there is something wrong or something seems to be too obvious, just stay away.

I want to make clear, that I am not a fan of match fixing, but I think nobody should complain, when putting on trades on matches like this. Even if you entered and you recognize a strange odds movement just make it each way and stay away.

Cheers, Loocie


Scott Ferguson said...

Hi Loocie,

Kateryna pulled out of their doubles match after this with a 'right forearm strain' according to the WTA Tour. I think it's just a case of some people could she was being treated for injury.

Scott Ferguson said...

some people could see she was being treated...

Loocie said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks for dropping by.
I just want to mention that there is no need to trade or bet on these matches. Everything can happen and you do not know if both players give their best to win the match.

Cheers, Loocie