The Good Run Continues


during the last few days I traded the following match:

Kanepi v Jankovickanepi_jankovicI entered the market late in the 2nd set. Kanepi was leading 4-0 in the 2nd set and then Jankovic fought back, but when Kanepi scored to 6-5*, I made it each way, because Jankovic could only force a tie break and I do not like to gamble during a tie break. However, Jankovic lost her service game and Kanepi won in straight sets.
Actually, that is the difference to my trading a year ago: I expected Jankovic to turn the match, but this did not happened, so a year ago I would have made a loss or at least no profit, but now I am in the situation to make a profit, even if the match does not develop totally in my desired direction.

Kanepi v Jankovic 6-2, 7-5

I also watched other matches too, but I could not identify any good opportunities, so I stayed away.

Stats so far:
Total profit since last update: +11.23
Total profit this month: +121.38

Cheers, Loocie


Anthony said...

The more you trade the tennis the more you learn when it's about to get very chaotic in the markets. If you're already in you can trade out for a profit you're happy with but it's also a good time to jump in with very small stakes if you've not participated in trading the match already.

Loocie said...

Hi Anthony,

thanks for dropping by.
In tennis the odds movement can be very chaotic, mostly in a deciding set so I avoid trading these situations. I only would get involved in this situations, when I have an each way profit and only risking a small amount of the profit.

Cheers, Loocie