Analysis Of January 2009


January is over now, so it is time to do the analysis.
Here is an overview of the profit per sport:

  • Tennis: +€32.77
  • American Football: +€1.39
  • Winter Sports: -€5.77

I had two trades, where I made big mistakes:

Tennis - Wozniacki v Dokic:
I did not see the bigger pictures, when the trade went against me. I could not accept the loss and lost more than I could afford.

Winter Sports – Men’s 10 km Sprint: Winner - Fastest Time:
I traded with too high stakes in a market, I was not very comfortable with and I did not take a stop loss, when necessary.

I am a little disappointed about the small profit I made during January, but when you do beginner’s mistakes and lose the view for the bigger picture, then you do not deserve it to make more money.

Not a great start into the trading year, but still a profit. I need to concentrate on my exit strategy and on the bigger picture during a single trade.

My new stake sizes:

Overall stats:
Year 2008: +€156.48
January 2009: +€28.39

Cheers, Loocie


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Loocie,

Nice to see you've made a profitable start to the year and to see that you now have a strong staking plan (only risking a reasonable % of your bank).

All the best,


Loocie said...

Hi Mark,

thanks for dropping by.
It was a really good advice from you to have a strong staking plan. I am trading now without having fear to lose too much money of my trading bank.

Cheers, Loocie