Update of my last trades


during the last few days I made the following trades:

Trading Tennis

Dementieva v Azarenka


I started the trading with a stupid loss. I was trading the first set only with the hope of a service break. Before the tie break of the first set was played I had a loss of -3.75. During the tie break I started to gamble. What a mistake. Both players made many receiving points and their percentages of serve was equally.

During the first games in the second set I was indecision about how the match could develop and I made complete stupid decisions. Should have stopped the trade.

Dementieva v Azarenka 6-7, 6-3, 1-6

Li v Petrova


Na Li had a big fight against Serena Williams, so she could have been a little bit tired. Petrova seemed in a good form. She only lost against Schnyder in Bali and against Safina. Petrova leads the h2h with 5-0. Pre match odds: Li 3.84, Petrova 1.85.

I backed Petrova 20€@1.6 when I saw her serving very well. Na Li had problems with this serve and Petrova won this match comfortably.

Li v Petrova 2-6, 3-6

Zvonareva v Jankovic


I expected a close match. Both players are in a good shape and they had a tight match against each other in Beijing.

When score was 3-3 30-0 and Jankovic serving I backed 20€@1.67. When she was leading 5-3 and serving for match I laid off to have 4.90€ each way. During the second set I made a huge mistake. I laid Jankovic at 1.6, which was a big price for backing her, because her pre match odds where 1.62. I could scratch that a little bit and lost only a few cents.

Zvonareva v Jankovic 6-7, 6-7

Petrova v Azarenka


Petrova was clear favourite for me. She played really well yesterday and was serving very good. Azarenka had a good but long match against Dementieva and she was also playing the double tournament in Stuttgart, so maybe she was a little bit tired. She also had a injury timeout during the match vs Dementieva. I backed Petrova 10€@1.7 pre match.

Petrova had a good start and was leading 4-0 and I laid off to have a 4.12€ profit each way.

I entered again, but this was not a good opportunity. Took the stop loss, but most of the profit was already wasted. Petrova won the first set 6-4 and I backed her again @1.26. She broke Azarenka and I laid off. I had some quick trades, but mostly I scratched them.

Petrova v Azarenka 6-4, 6-4

V Williams v Jankovic


I had some trades during the first set, but could not make a profit and I made it each way before the tie break. That was a good decision, because trading in tie breaks is mostly gambling.

Later in the second set and made a stupid trade and had a loss of 8 or 9€. This loss came from not taking a trading position and I could not accept this mistake I made. I put more money in and finally I lost 18€.

Generally, I have no problem with taking a stop loss, I only have a problem with it, when I make some silly mistakes. Then I can not accept the loss and try to force this trade into a profit. Therefore I have to learn to stop doing these silly mistakes like throwing a profit away or chasing for possible service breaks.

V Williams v Jankovic 7-6, 5-7, 2-6

Petrova v Jankovic


That was well traded. I took stop losses when necessary and I have only a small loss.

Petrova v Jankovic 6-4, 6-3

Tursunov v Mathieu


Tursunov v Mathieu 7-6, 1-6, 6-4

I backed Tursunov when he was 2-0 behind in the second set. It was an early break and odds on Tursunov @1.65. Pre match his odds was 1.66, so a good trading opportunity. The Russian tanked the 2nd set and I had to take my stop loss. Was not a bad trade. I followed all my rules and I am sure it will pay off in the next matches.

Mauresmo v Cornet


Pre match odds: Mauresmo 1.57, Cornet 2.7

Mauresmo was favourite for me. She leads the H2H 2-0 and Cornet seems to be not in form. Maybe she is just tired from a long season.

Cornet served first. When score was 0-0 40-40 I backed Mauresmo 10€@1.51. Cornet made the game and an early break, so score was 2*-0 Cornet. I laid Cornet 5€@1.99. Mauresmo fought back and I laid Mauresmo 5€@1.51.

When score was 2*-2 and Cornet was serving there was a 1.3 Lay Mauresmo available. This would have been the perfect odds to take out the risk, because if Mauresmo would win the 1st set, odds would have been 1.2. I did not take out the risk so I had to scratch the trade with a Lay Mauresmo 10€@1.7 when Cornet was leading 4-3* and Mauresmo was serving. Cornet won the 1st set 7-6 and I laid her 25€@1.46. Great value it was! Stats of both players were equal, so there was a high chance of a 2nd set win by Mauresmo. When score was 2-1* in the 2nd set and Cornet was serving I backed her 10€@1.7 to minimize risk. When score was 2-1* 15-40 there was at least a 2.0 Back Cornet available and this would have been the perfect situation to eliminate the risk and make it each way. Again I didn't made the order, so later when score was 2*-2 0-30 and Mauresmo was serving I had to scratch the trade.

Good: I identified two good trading spots and I took the stop losses when necessary. I recognized early, that I had to close the first trade @ 1.3, but I accepted the mistake and concentrated further on trading the match.

Bad: I did not close the trade, when there was the perfect situation for.

Mauresmo v Cornet 6-7, 6-3, 6-4

Cibulkova v Bartoli


Laid Cibulkova 25€@1.31 after winning the first set. Bartoli made a break and was leading 1*-0 in the first set, backed a small amount back.

When score was 1*-0 0-30 I scratched the trade.

Cibulkova v Bartoli 6-1, 4-1 retired

Trading Soccer

Stuttgart v Bremen -€2.00

Trading NFL

Seattle @ NY Giants -€0.74

Stats so far:

total loss this month: -€11.42

My last trades of Tennis were better. I was patient and took the stop losses when necessary. My cheat sheet helped me to stay focused. Also my new money management rules let me stay in a trade without having fear.

I am interested how my trading develops with this new rules.

Cheers, Loocie

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