Mixed Bag


here is an update of my last trades:


Since the last blog entry I made the huge amount of 2ct!! Incredible!!!!! A small profit is better than a huge loss, so I can not complain. The good thing is I stuck to my money management rules which helped me to stay in profit, but more important now it is easier for me to analyse my trades in detail. For example the match Gasquet vs Fish was a non-method trade, i.e. I put on a trade without having identified a trading opportunity. I had also two matches where I took my intended stop loss too late (Petrova v Pennetta and Verdasco vs Cilic). If I can avoid these mistakes, I can make some decent profits according to my stake sizes. During the last few days I have also recognized that I have to adjust my trading spots. Some of them only work when several criteria are matched.

That's it for now. Will update later this week.

Stats so far:
total profit this month: +€11.19

Cheers, Loocie

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