Best Trading Day So Far


today I traded the following matches:

Wozniacki v Chakvetadze


Pre match odds: Wozniacki 1.62, Chakvetadze 2.54
Wozniacki is in a good shape and she was favourite. Chakvetadze was playing at home so I knew about her motivation to win this game.
Chakvetadze had a good start and was leading very soon 1-4* with odds on Chakvetadze 1.37. This was a great opportunity to lay, because odds would not move very much lower if she wins the 1st set 6-1. Wozniacki made a break and odds on Chakvetadze moved to 1.78. I missed that opportunity, but I was patient and did not force a trade like I did it in the past too often.

Chakvetadze won 1st set 6-2. When she made an early break and was leading 1*-0 odds on her dropped to 1.13 and I laid her 25€@1.13, because it was only an early break. Wozniacki made a re break and I created a risk free bet on Wozniacki. When she won the second set I made it each way.

Wozniacki v Chakvetadze 2-6, 6-1, 6-4

Stakhovsky v Mathieu


Pre match odds: Stakhovsky 3.5 , Mathieu 1.4

Mathieu was favourite, but I know he can be very unstable during a match. When score was 2*-3 for Mathieu I layed him 25€@, because his serving stats were bad.

During the break after this 5th game he had a foot treatment and odds moved to 1.59 and I backed him 10€@1.59 to minimize risk.

When score was 2*-3 15-40 I scratched that trade.

Stakhovsky v Mathieu 6-3, 6-2

Mauresmo v Safina


Pre match odds: Mauresmo 5.00, Safina 1.24

Mauresmo leads the H2H 4-1 and the H2H on indoor hard 2-1 against Safina. I was confident Mauresmo could take a sat, but the victory should be with Safina.

Generally I do not like to oppose the favourite too often, but when score was 2*-1 for Safina I layed her 25€@1.12 because I expected Mauresmo to give a good fight. She really did and won the 1st set in the tie break and I made it each way.

Mauresmo v Safina 7-6, still playing while typing this

Almost a perfect day of trading. I followed my plans, stuck strictly to my rules and missed only one trading opportunity.

Stats so far:

total profit today: +14.09€

total profit this month: +1.69€

All the best!

Cheers, Loocie

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