One team, one goal!


I can not believe that Germany reached the final of EURO 2008! What an exciting match against Turkey. Germany did not play well, but they were fighting and won this match 3-2. If anybody has a screen shot of the odds movement on Betfair, please leave a comment or contact via email.

When typing this I am watching the 2nd semi final Russia vs Spain.

Wimbledon has already started and we have seen some upsets: Davydenko, Djokovic, Sharapova. Some heavy losses for low odds backers.

Generally Muxor and me find it very difficult to trade matches played on grass courts. Grass court season is very short, so many players have problems to find their way playing on grass.

Here is an overview of my trades of the last few days:


I had not very much mistakes during trading. I took stop losses, when a match went against me and could produce a small profit.

That's all for the last few days and now I want to write about today's trades. Here is an overview of today's trades:


The day started really bad and I lost -68.67€ in a single match! What a nightmare!

What happened? I was risking too much, could not accept a loss and put more money in the market. It was a beginner's mistake and I should not make this mistake anymore.

The good thing is, from this point I traded really well. I did not chased my loss, I was concentrated and could reduce my daily loss.

Stats so far:

total loss today: -8.15€

total profit this month: +38.41€

Cheers, Loocie

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