No mistakes means profit


yesterday was a good trading day for me. Here is an overview of my trades:

Safin v Berdych
I watched this match lieve on tv. In second set you could see, that Safin was not concentrated and impatient. I layed him @1.74 and backed him @2.0.
When trading I have two different approaches:
  • 1. Taking a position because my selection is likely to win
  • 2. Taking a position because of expected odds movement

This trade was an example of the 2nd approach. I think it is important to identify the reason why you want to take a position before you take this position.

Bartoli v Mattek
This was a very good example of a free lay. Mattek was leading 5-4 in 1st set and Bartoli was serving. Bartoli took a medical timeout and I backed Mattek @1.83. I expected Bartoli to retire so I was waiting until the first ball was played in 2nd set. When Mattek was serving 1st in 2nd set I closed the trade.

Berdych v Verdasco
Verdasco won 1st set 6-4 and I layed him @1.46. I was looking for an profit of 20% ROI each way, so I needed back odds arround 1.63. During this 2nd set I got some money matched @1.63, but Berdych did not improve and I scratched the trade @ 1.47 right before Verdasco made the break. The match did not develope as predicted so I decided to close this trade. Was a very good decision, Verdasco won this match 6-4, 6-4, 6-0.

Lopez v Reynolds
Another match where I expected odds movement. I think it was in 3rd set and Reynolds had 2 break points. I layed Lopez @1,11 and baked him @1,13. With a liability of 50.00€ I could produce a profit of 12.39€, more than 20% ROI.

Stats so far:

total profit yesterday: +30.01€

total profit this month: +68.42€

All the best, Loocie

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