Captain Jack is back

Hey folks,


I am back from vacation in the United States and an incredible downswing in tennis trading afterwards during the french open finals. I also changed my trading system like Loocie and took small and steady profits and then couldn't accept losses what made me loose even more during the final two matches then I won in the whole tournament before. Me stupid! These trades made me so angry, because it is always the same mistake and I make it again and again. Will try to end the mistake of loosing all profits of an tournament in final stages together with Doc Loocies help now! Because it is much easier to get up again after a downswing if you do trades together. It gives you self confidence and that is what you need for trading. Nonetheless, I will cover my tennis trades for Wimbledon again here in the blog.


Some another trades have been made during the EURO2008 and it worked quite well. See yourself:



the EURO2008 resultet in a profit of 95 € so far. I will see if I can increase that during the remaining matches.


So keep in mind: I am back in action and will keep you updated about what is going on.




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